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TKAO offers a range of professional accounting, taxation and related advisory services together with tailored financial solutions. An expert consultancy team provides advisory, asset valuation and assurance services such as due diligence, while a separate group is responsible for delivery of financial solutions and SPC management services.

A comprehensive mix of services combined with a collaborative approach to service delivery provides TKAO's clients with a clear business advantage.

Clients utilizing TKAO's SPC management services demand robust organizational structures and effective internal controls. To this end, TKAO's front, middle and back offices have been carefully set up to operate as distinct functional groups, each with clearly defined responsibilities. As a result of the careful distinction between groups and duties, TKAO's capability to safeguard client assets is significantly enhanced. TKAO's ceaseless pursuit of excellence in SPC management and the confidence and trust that clients place in its operations is unrivaled in the finance industry and we intend to continue building on this reputation to earn even greater trust and confidence from our clients.


TKAO focuses primarily on servicing client needs relating to structured finance, corporate finance, wealth management, as well as international accounting and taxation, and is continually striving to improve the quality and relevance of these professional services. Additionally, TKAO aims to expand its services each year to cater for increasingly diverse client needs and to stay ahead of the market.

Historically, the majority of TKAO's client base comprised major financial institutions and investment funds from a number of jurisdictions including, but not limited to Japan, America and Europe. In recent years that client base has expanded and diversified and now includes a large number of multinational enterprises as well as small and medium size companies and a growing number of high net worth individuals(HNWI's).

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