We will lead our clients to make new moves with greater certainty through the high level of consulting skills and business integrity in execution that we have built up in the field of finance.

A specialized firm that has shaped the accounting firm of the new era

Strengths of our services are finance, renewable energy, and international business.

Our core businesses are structured finance, project finance, corporate finance, international taxation, and wealth management, and we are expanding our business into related areas.
We have accumulated skills and knowledge in international business cultivated through our securitization business projects, as well as know-how specialized in the field of finance. In recent years, we have been commissioned to provide advisory services for renewable energy projects in the majority of mega solar operators in Japan. Our group has added legal services, cash flow modeling, and other services, creating a wide range of services that go beyond our traditional service framework.
In addition, as a new domain of activities outside the finance field, we are strategically developing new services directly related to financial and management issues of global companies, such as cross-border M&A support, EPA/FTA-related services, and transfer pricing consulting services with a focus on financial transfer pricing. Our clientele is diverse, ranging from traditional Japanese, U.S., and European major financial institutions and investment funds to multinational companies, leading medium-sized companies, small and medium-sized companies, wealthy individuals, and so on.

We will continue to focus on services that can leverage the strengths of Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office to respond to the ever-changing needs of the era and will creatively develop services in areas related to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, finance for R&D venture companies, international asset management for wealthy individuals, and multi-layered services related to business succession.

A group of professionals who have accumulated knowledge in multiple layers

We provide advisory services taking into account not only accounting and taxation, but also legal and practical matters.

For example, each of our accounting and tax professionals not only has in-depth knowledge of accounting and taxation, but also acquires and studies the legal and practical knowledge that accompanies the accounting and taxation fields, enabling us to provide multilayered advisory services. We are highly law-abiding and have the skills to propose multiple solutions to the risks involved in the execution of projects based on our high level of experience. Meanwhile, the project execution phase requires professionalism with different values that can support the execution of practical work patiently and honestly, and our strength lies in our ability to respond to these needs.

A pioneer in securitization using SPCs Over 8,000 companies have been entrusted with our services.

We obtained an internal control system certification report that ensures the safety and security of our vehicle management operations.

As a pioneer in the securitization business utilizing SPCs, we have a vast record of accomplishment involving a total of over 8,000 companies and experience in handling a wide variety of asset classes and schemes. Backed by these experiences, we provide comprehensive services including precise advisory and paperwork administrative services during the structuring phase of a project.
In managing vehicles, we have established internal controls and made systematic improvements, always conscious of creating a system that prevents fraud and errors.
Along with these efforts, we prepare a description of the business processes related to vehicle management operations based on the International Standard on Assurance Engagements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), and have our internal control effectiveness verified by an auditing firm and obtain an evidence report every year.

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