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Tokyo Kyodo IP

As intellectual property becomes increasingly important, we support the enhancement of corporate value through intellectual property strategies.

In recent years, the source of corporate value has shifted from tangible assets to intangible assets, and the importance of creating and utilizing valuable intangible assets, especially intellectual property, created through intellectual creation activities, has become even more important. Appropriate evaluation and handling of intellectual property is now required in situations such as M&A, business succession, and transfer price setting in international transactions.


Tokyo Kyodo IP assists clients in formulating and implementing intellectual property strategies through the creation of intellectual property including invention discovery, the establishment of intellectual property rights through patent and trademark registration applications, and support for the evaluation, utilization, and dispute resolution of intellectual property rights.


In addition, we provide multifaceted support that spans the areas of intellectual property, accounting, taxation, and finance by leveraging the collective strengths of the Tokyo Kyodo Group, thereby contributing to the expansion of the value of intangible assets held by companies and the development of their businesses.

Features of our services

Services related to intellectual property

We support our clients in solving their management issues with a wide range of services related to the handling and utilization of intellectual property.


We provide proxy services for various procedures (applications, responses to Patent Office examinations, and various appeals), from filing applications for patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks to obtaining rights.

We also offer a variety of services related to the handling and utilization of intellectual property. In particular, intellectual property due diligence, which evaluates whether intellectual property rights have been properly established and have effective value, is considered important for M&A and business succession, etc. Thus, we evaluate the value of intellectual property rights, legal stability, and licensing potential, which are essential for the strategic use of intellectual property. In addition, through collaboration with experts from Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, we assist clients in resolving accounting, tax, and financial issues related to the handling of intellectual property.

We can also take advantage of the comprehensive strengths of the Tokyo Kyodo Group, such as designing and introducing an employee invention system using stock options, as well as planning R&D base allocation and intellectual property management measures with high management efficiency*. Please feel free to consult with us about content utilization and brand management as well.

* Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office may serve as the trustee depending on the nature of the business.



■Support for creation, rights acquisition, and maintenance and management of intellectual property

〇Support for invention discovery

〇Proxy and intermediary in various procedures (applications, responses to Patent Office examinations, and various appeals) from filing to acquisition of rights of domestic and foreign patent, utility model, design, and trademark applications.

〇Support for maintenance and management of intellectual property rights, know-how, and other intellectual property

■Intellectual property utilization and transaction support

〇Evaluation of the value of intellectual property

〇Evaluation of legal stability and licensing potential of intellectual property rights

〇Support for the promotion of negotiations for intellectual property-related transactions

■ Others

〇Support for dispute prevention and resolution related to intellectual property rights

〇Support for formulation and promotion of intellectual property strategy


Naoto Hiramatsu

Naoto Hiramatsu

Patent Attorney

Yoshihiro Igarashi

Yoshihiro Igarashi

Patent Attorney
Senior Manager

Hideya Tsuba

Hideya Tsuba

Patent Attorney

Company profile

Company name

Tokyo Kyodo IP
Senior Partner: Naoto Hiramatsu
Senior Partner: Yoshihiro Igarashi

Description of business

Registration of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, and international applications, etc.


9F, Kokusai Building, 3-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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