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Tokyo Kyodo Nishinihon Business Center Co., Ltd.

In preparation for executing mission critical operations in the event of a large-scale disaster or other contingency, we have established a backup system in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture which is subject to few disasters.

Tokyo Kyodo Nishinihon Business Center Co., Ltd. was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, a pioneer in the vehicle-based asset securitization business in Japan with a wealth of experience in the management of special purpose companies (SPCs) and serving as a BCP base.


We have established personnel and system backup systems with the primary mission of ensuring that urgent and critical remittance operations are not interrupted in the event of contingencies such as a major disaster in the Tokyo area or an infectious disease pandemic.


Takamatsu City in Kagawa Prefecture, where our office is located, is not only blessed with the mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea, but also has relatively few natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, and is rated among the lowest in Japan in terms of the extent of damage amount caused by natural disasters. In this location well suited for implementing BCP, we have developed a financial institution-level system to perform entrusted services and support our clients in managing their valuable funds.

Features of our services

Accounting bookkeeping and cash management services for SPCs

We are enhancing our operations structure and data center capabilities to remotely supplement vehicle cash management operations.


In collaboration with the Accounting Services Team and the Cash Management Team of the Financial Solution Division of the Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, we are responsible for accounting bookkeeping and cash management services for SPCs.

We have ensured high operational efficiency and internal control functions by adopting paperless systems and RPA, and are enhancing our systems to provide higher quality services.


■Operations related to the finance and accounting of SPCs and general business companies

■Cash management services
Mainly remittance of expenses, tax payments, and acquisition of bank account statements for bankruptcy-remote SPCs, asset holding SPCs, and general business companies

■Accounting and bookkeeping services
Accounting and preparation of reporting materials for corporations, mainly bankruptcy-remote SPC, as well as handling accounting work outsourced from general business companies, etc.

Various data entry, creation of electronic media, etc.

Company profile

Company name

Tokyo Kyodo Nishinihon Business Center Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Ryutaro Uchiyama

Description of business

Operations related to finance, accounting, and general affairs of special purpose companies


9F Central Tamachi Building, 11-5 Tamachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

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