Each business entity of the Tokyo Kyodo Group* (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company" or "We") shall establish and comply with the Basic Policy as set out below in order to prevent any dealings and other relationships with Anti-Social Forces, including organized crime groups, which would pose a threat to the order and safety of the civil society.
* Please see the Tokyo Kyodo Group List for details.

Basic Policy

  1. Our Company shall, in order to firmly recognize our social responsibilities and ensure compliance, prevent and firmly reject any of the following relationships with the Anti-Social Forces as the entire organization:
    1. Having a relationship to be recognized that its management is controlled by the Anti-Social Forces;
    2. Having a relationship to be recognized that the Anti-Social Forces are practically involved in its management;
    3. Having a relationship to be recognized as unfairly using the Anti-Social Forces with a purpose of unjustifiably benefitting itself or a third party, or with a purpose of causing damage to a third party, etc.;
    4. Having a relationship which to be recognized as being involved with the Anti-Social Forces by providing funds or extending facilities, etc.; or
    5. Its directors or person who is practically involved in its management having a socially blamable relationship with Anti-Social Forces.
  2. Our Company is committed to respond to any undue claims from Anti-Social Forces as the entire organization securing the safety of the employees and resolving issues in a prompt manner.
  3. Our Company shall, in preparation for undue claims from the Anti-Social Forces, establish close cooperative relationship with external professionals including Tokubouren, lawyers, and police under normal circumstances. We shall also assign a person responsible for the prevention of undue claims to work closely with the competent police station.
  4. Our Company shall, in the event of any problem, take a legal response in an active manner from both the civil and criminal aspects.