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Tokyo Kyodo Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office

As a member of the Tokyo Kyodo Group, we provide services specialized in financial and fintech-related licensing.

As a member of the Tokyo Kyodo Group, we provide services specialized in financial and fintech-related licensing.

Tokyo Kyodo Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office is a Administrative Scrivener office of the Tokyo Kyodo Group, whose strength lies in its specialized services in securities and finance-related business. For those who form or manage funds, we provide support for applications for various permits and approvals related to fund settlement in addition to notifications to administrative agencies (Financial Services Agency, MLIT, etc.) for obtaining and maintaining licenses under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures.


With the advent of the fintech era, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act is being revised every year, and new laws and regulations are being enacted one after another. Our strength lies not only in the permit and approval procedures for schemes related to financial instruments transactions, which are becoming increasingly complex, but also in tailored and practical services including provision of manuals and various documents necessary for internal controls that our clients need to establish and study through practice, and support to outsource some of their operations.


In addition, through close collaboration with Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, Tokyo Kyodo Judicial Scrivener Office, and Tokyo Kyodo IP, we provide seamless services not only in permits and approvals but also in accounting, tax, legal, and intellectual property.


Features of our services

Administrative Scrivener services

We implement application procedures in accordance with our clients’ intentions while focusing on the points to be watched closely by the Administrative Agency based on our accumulated know-how.


As for financial licenses, etc., there is an unspoken code of practice when consulting with the regulatory authorities.

In light of laws and regulations under the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Agency in general, as well as issues that have become matters of consideration for various cases concerning the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures, and the Payment Services Act, and other companies, we will provide support for procedures and documentation to obtain permits and approvals that require prior consultation in the shortest possible time, based on our accumulated experience to date.

We also work closely with the experts at Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office to help clients resolve their accounting, tax, and financial issues, which need to be analyzed closely when a fund is formed.


■Support for procedures such as applications for various permits and approvals, notifications of changes, etc.(Examples)

〇Real estate broker

〇General real estate investment advisors/Comprehensive real estate investment advisors

〇Financial instruments trader
(investment management business, investment advisory and agency business, Type II financial instruments trading business (including crowdfunding business))

〇Persons notified as specially qualified institutional investors, etc.

〇Issuer of advance payment instruments

〇Funds transfer service providers and providers of electronic means of payment, etc.

〇Crypto asset exchanger

〇Financial services brokerage

〇Electronic payment agent

〇Money lender

〇Specified joint real estate enterprise/Small-sized specified joint real estate enterprise

〇Qualified special investor


〇Rental housing management company

〇Security contractor

〇First class registered architectural firm

〇Real estate appraiser

■Practical operational support based on licenses

〇Preparation of manuals

〇Support for establishment of in-house systems

〇Partial acceptance of back-office operations

〇Support for establishment of internal management systems based on the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds and FATF recommendations


Chihiro Hanafusa

Chihiro Hanafusa

Gyoseishoshi Lawyer

Company profile

Company name

Tokyo Kyodo Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office
Administrative Scrivener: Ryutaro Uchiyama

Description of business

Procedural support for various types of application forms for permits and approvals, etc.


9F, Kokusai Building, 3-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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