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Hiroshi Hamada

Legal Service Division

Tokyo Kyodo Judicial Scrivener Office


Bachelor's Degree in Laws, Gakushuin University

Judicial Scrivener

Hiroshi Hamada provides closing and legal support services for M&A transactions (stock companies, limited liability companies, medical corporations, etc.) and debt acquisitions, including not only registration services, but also the provision of practical advice.

His clients include business revitalization funds, foreign-affiliated investment banks, and international law firms.



Joined RIS International Godo Office. (currently A&C Sogo Office.)


Joined a Tokyo Kyodo Judicial Scrivener Office.

Practice Areas

Judicial scrivener
– Real estate registration services (real estate securitization, international registration, services related to collateral, etc.)
– Commercial registration services (services related to M&A, reorganization, corporate legal affairs, etc.)
– Corporate registration services (general incorporated associations, special purpose companies, investment limited partnerships, medical corporations, etc.)
– Registration services for the transfer of movable assets and receivables (ABL)

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