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Kayoko Takeuchi

Financial Solutions Division Supervisor


Bachelor's Degree in Law, Chuo University

Judicial Scrivener

Gyoseishoshi Lawyer

Real Estate Transaction Authorized Supervisor

ARES Certified Master

Kayoko Takeuchi is mainly in charge of legal advice on the operations and commercial registrations of SPCs used in structured finance transactions.

She provides such advice in consideration of laws and regulations applicable to special purpose companies, limited liability companies, and investment limited partnerships in order to facilitate smooth and stable operations at companies and other entities.



Joined a law firm.


Joined Gracchus & Associates, Inc.
Seconded to Lombard Servicer Co., Ltd.


Joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office.


Assigned concurrently to Tokyo Kyodo Judicial Scrivener Office.

Practice Areas

Fund administration
Legal administration services in general for various vehicles (such as SPCs) used in securitization transactions
– Preparation of business reports and general meeting minutes
– Responses to the Asset Securitization Act (e.g., responses to changes in ALP, visits to the Financial Services Agency)
– Preparation of regulatory notification documents concerning the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act
– Responses to individual inquiries from authorities concerned, including the Kanto Local Finance Bureau, and other tasks related to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
– Other legal administration services

Judicial Scrivener
– Commercial registration services for various corporations (SPCs and general business companies)
– Registration of assignment of claims and movables concerning structures

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