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Masateru Fukushima

Financial Solutions Division Supervisor


Department of Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Since joining the Company, he has been engaged in advisory services at the time of project origination, closing services, mid-term management services, and closure services through the formation of many projects together with a wide range of clients, including financial institutions, fund companies, real estate investment management companies, trading companies, and manufacturers, and have gained know-how and practical experience.
Based on these experiences, the fund team is currently working to control and operate cash management operations, and to streamline and improve IT of operations in order to provide stable services.



Joined a securities-related IT company


Joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office

Practice Areas

Structured finance
Overall fund-related administration related to SPC and fund management (real estate, renewable energy, PFI, etc.) of various vehicles for securitization and liquidation
‐Payment-related services (various payment services, etc.)
‐Calculation-related services (various calculation services such as WF・DSCR・LTV and dividends)
‐Account-related operations (general procedures for opening and EB of accounts)
‐Other advice on cash management operations

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