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Shuji Shimada

Financial Solutions Division Manager


Bachelor's Degree in Faculty of Business Administration, Yokohama National University

Licensed Tax Accountant

Since the times when terms like "securitization" and "funds" were relatively unknown in the world compared with today, Shuji Shimada has supported accounting and tax functions as well as administrative functions of securitization, such as legal affairs and cash management through the entire process from the provision of advice on the formation of securitization schemes and subsequent account closing of SPCs to their liquidation.

He works to address various challenges in securitization particularly in the areas of accounting and tax, as well as practical issues he can identify from his vast experience.



Joined Mizoguchi Tax Accounting Office.


Joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office.

Practice Areas

Fund administration
– Identification of accounting and tax issues within the Division
– Collection and analysis of securitization-related information, such as tax reforms
– Provision of advice on accounting and tax issues within the Division


January 2012

Impact of Recent Tax Reforms of Consumptions Taxes on Securitization, Securitization Forum of Japan

October 2011

Impact of Recent Tax Reforms to Consumptions Taxes on Securitization Including the abolition of 95% Rule: Practical Responses in Real Estate Securitization, Financial Management Forums, Inc.

June 2010

Impact of 2010 Tax Reform on Real Estate Securitization Schemes, Corporate Management Forums, Inc.

October 2009

Effective Revision of Securitization Vehicle Management in Economic Recession: Necessary Treatment and Procedure in a Stagnant Market in which Special Circumstances Arise Frequently, Corporate Management Forums, Inc.

May 2009

Various Problems in Securitized Vehicle Management from a Practical Perspective, Corporate Management Forums, Inc.

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