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Takayuki Saito

Business Development & Planning Division Manager


Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, Waseda University

Global CFO, General CFO

Takayuki Saito is in charge of global/cross-border payment and cash management services, leveraging his previous experience as a product head at the global cash management division of a top megabank for over 20 years and a global bank for 7 years.

After developing a cash management infrastructure for a Japanese investor in Sri Lanka, he now focuses on supporting the enhancement of treasury management at business companies from the perspective of global/cross-border cash and treasury management. As the first step in this area, he started a service to support information connections with foreign banks, which requires the knowledge of commercial practices in different jurisdictions and technical terms and data characteristics unique to financial institutions (in March 2022).

Rather than providing an armchair theory focusing on investments based on what should be done or future predictions, which many consulting firms tend to offer, he plans to introduce, one after another, support services that are readily useful for the resolution of issues currently faced by business companies.



Joined the Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd. (currently the MUFG Bank, Ltd.)


Joined HSBC Tokyo Branch as a Product Head of Global Liquidity & Cash Management Division.


Joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office and launched the RHQ Team in the Business Development Division.

Practice Areas

Corporate finance
– Cash and treasury management upgrading support (global/cross-border cash management)

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