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Tomoko Kubosawa

Consulting Division Manager


Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Studies, Sophia University

Licensed Tax Accountant

Tomoko Kubosawa's clients mainly include operating companies such as subsidiaries of listed companies and asset management companies for the wealthy. She provides consulting services on tax compliance and business succession for them. Her philosophy is to think from the perspective of clients and to provide meticulous tax-related services for each and every issue.

She is also involved in consulting services to prevent legal liability of licensed tax accountants, because she has experience in lawsuits and negotiations on damage claims for tax accountants when she worked in her previous job. She presents various proposals from a risk management viewpoint, covering a wide range such as building organizational structures of tax accountants' corporations, which includes rule making regarding exchange of information with clients, management of submission of tax returns and reports and preparation of proposals for consulting. She also provides education to office members to prevent legal liability of tax accountants.



Joined an educational institution.


Joined an independent accounting office.


Joined Torikai Law Office.


Joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office.

Practice Areas

Domestic taxation
– Tax compliance of general business enterprises
– Consulting on reorganization and business succession

Wealth management
– Inheritance tax consulting services
– Inheritance and gift tax return operations
– Notarized Will Preparation Support Services

– Consulting on how to prevent damage claims against certified public tax accountants


November 2023

Understand the reasons for the legal liability of licensed tax accountants case and consider preventive measures. “Points and measures for avoiding the legal liability of licensed tax accountants “: KACHIEL Co., Ltd.

August 2023

Trends and Avoidance Measures for “The legal liability of licensed tax accountants ” Read from Cases:North Branch of Kinki Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association

April 2023

Trends and Avoidance Measures for “Tax CALI Accidents” Read from Case Studies: Insurance Service System HD, Inc.

April 2021

“Impact of COVID-19 and risks for offices which may be caused by working from home!” at JP Zeimu Senryaku Kenkyukai


* Holds case study workshops on legal liability of certified public tax accountants three times a year at JP Zeimu Senryaku Kenkyukai

July 2020

“Specific responses to risks involving certified public tax accountants’ business” at Fulcrum Inc.

August 2019

“Preventive measures using cases of certified public tax accountants’ liability for damages” at Business Accounting Club

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“Rules observed by offices which do not cause tax-related troubles” Zeimu Kouhou April 2021 to April 2022, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA HOLDINGS, INC.

“50 items to remember for tax examinations 2” Zeimu Kouhou (Vol. 69/No. 1) January 2021, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA HOLDINGS, INC.

“A scheme for ‘usage classification’ and use of ‘other ratios’ – practical issues involving tax deductions for taxable purchase for consumption tax” Junkan Keiri Joho (No. 1529) November 20, 2018, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA HOLDINGS, INC.

“The latest judicial precedent: the Tokyo District Court ruling on November 29, 2016” Zei to Keiei (No. 1987) February 21, 2018, Zeikei

“Responsibility of certified public tax accountants as professionals and measures to prevent troubles” (co-authored) December 2013, SEIBUNSHA CO., LTD.

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