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Yamato Matsuzawa

Consulting Division Partner


Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Tokyo University of Science

Certified Public Accountant/Licensed Tax Accountant

Yamato Matsuzawa's primary practice areas include project finance services (accounting and tax reviews and the development of cash flow models); structured finance services concerning accounting and tax advice on debt securitization, real estate investment funds, etc. (accounting and tax consulting at the time of deal origination and refinance, vehicle consolidation, handling of partnerships and trusts, AUP services, etc.); and accounting audit services for SPCs used in asset securitization.



Joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office.

Practice Areas

Project finance
– Accounting and tax review services
– Development of cash flow models

Structured finance
– Accounting and tax consulting services
– AUP services
– Accounting audit services


September 2021

Accounting and Tax in Securitization Transactions (Practice) (Practical Lecture No. 9), Securitization Forum of Japan

June 2021

Basic Knowledge of Accounting and Tax in Securitization Transactions (Basic Lecture No. 14), Securitization Forum of Japan

November 2015

2nd Workshop on Lower Carbon Footprint Project for Regional Financial Institutions in 2015 (responsible for tax and risk assessment and feasibility assessment), Ministry of the Environment

October 2011

Resent Revisions of Accounting and Taxation Rules (WG on Banking Business Powered by Securitization Technologies No. 17), Securitization Forum of Japan

September 2010

Impact of “Vending Machine Approaches Would Not Work!” on Real Estate Securitization Schemes: Detailed Commentary on the Impact of 2010 Consumption Tax Revisions “Measures to Ensure Appropriate Application of Measures to Allow Adjustments to the Amount of Purchase Tax Credit” from Various Perspectives, Financial Management Forums, Inc.

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Practical Points to be Noted in Accounting for a Japanese ESOP, Junkan Keirijouhou (No. 1372, February 20, 2014), Chuokeizai-Sha Holdings, Inc.

What will be Changes in the Recognition of Personnel Expenses in Profit or Loss and their Eligibility for Deduction at the Time of Stock Granting? Review of Accounting and Tax Issues related to Stock Granting Type ESOPs, Junkan Keirijouhou (No. 1289, August 10, 2011), Chuokeizai-Sha Holdings, Inc.

Tax and Accounting Q&A in Business Rehabilitation [Augmented and Revised Edition] (co-authored), Shojihomu (April 2011)

What are the Key Points of 2010 Tax Reform? Points to be Noted regarding the Satisfaction of Tax Transparency Requirements of TMKs, Junkan Keirijouhou (No. 1265, November 20, 2010), Chuokeizai-Sha Holdings, Inc.

What is the Impact of Tax Reform on the Selection of Taxation Method? Latest Issues in Consumption Tax Practice for Real Estate Securitization Transactions (co-authored), Junkan Keirijouhou (No. 1255, August 1, 2010), Chuokeizai-Sha Holdings, Inc. (July 2010)

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