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Yukio Nanae

Financial Solutions Division Senior Staff


Bachelor's Degree in Laws, Hosei University

ARES Certified Master

Yukio Nanae is responsible for custody management (including for lending) of important transactional and entity related items, such as seals and seal cards, registration ID information notices, and certificates of beneficial interest of more than 3,000 SPCs.

Written contracts and other important documents of each SPC are executed mainly by affixing the seal of the SPC (registered seal or bank seal), although in recent years some of them have been in an electronic format and have been executed using electronic signatures supported by DocuSign and Adobe sign.

He is also responsible for the management (including for lending) of the original copies of important contracts of about 4,000 SPCs through the operation and management of a document storage space called Stockroom. He manages SPC-related documents from the perspectives of information security and the protection of client information through the entire process from the acceptance to the disposition of seals and written contracts of SPCs.



Joined Nippon Housing Loan Co., Ltd.


Seconded to the Housing Loan Administration Corporation.
Joined Sanwa Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd.


Seconded to the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan.

Joined The Resolution and Collection Corporation.


Joined GE Capital Leasing Co., Ltd.


Joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office and assigned to the Custody Team.


Custody Service Team Leader, Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office.

Practice Areas

Fund administration
– SPC administration
– Operation services

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