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Yuko Tsuzumi

Consulting Division Partner


Bachelor's Degree, Doshisha University

Licensed Tax Accountant

Yuko Tsuzumi provides a broad range of tax services for corporate and individual clients mainly in the areas of reorganization, advisory services on the group tax sharing system, tax advisory services on financial instruments, international tax advisory services, and tax compliance services.



Joined Magaribuchi Certified Public Tax Accountant Office.


Joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office.

Practice Areas

 Corporate finance
– Advisory services in the areas of tax issues in reorganization, group tax sharing system,C30 etc.C33

Structured finance
– Tax advisory services specialized in financial instruments

Domestic taxation
– Tax compliance services


June 2017

Basic Knowledge of Accounting and Tax in Securitization Transactions (Basic Lecture No. 10), Securitization Forum of Japan

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Q&A: All about Anti-Tax Haven Rules, Logica Shobo, March 2021

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Basic Points to be Noted in Conducting Foreign Currency Denominated Transactions, Kigyo Jitsumu, April 2019, Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing

Reading through the Amendment Circular concerning the Recognition of Income etc., Kigyo Jitsumu, January 2019, Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing

Taxation Practice for Permanent Establishments (PEs), Chuokeizai-Sha Holdings, Inc. (July 2016)

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